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Bands: Tom Robinson Band; The Shirts
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
Date: June 1, 1979
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art.
Comments: “Power in The Darkness”.  The inspiration was an airbrush piece that we—that means not me, but Arthur Herstol, who is a truly great commercial artist—did for Lycian Stage Lighting along the way. Lycian made something called a Super Arc which was originally a follow spot optical system that Richard Logothetis married to an Ashcraft C70 projection arc. We had one at the New York Academy of Music on 14th Street and it was the brightest light source in the universe. Thank you Candace. Thank you Richard. The lights became smaller, more manageable and square after that, and eventually became glass enclosed metal arcs—which were never as fun as the sun. It was wonderful to work with 19th century light sources (Hall & Connolly carbon arcs at Convention Hall) and silicon control rectifiers (Edcotron dimmers) in the same place and at the same time. But that was then and now is now.