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Bands: The Clash; Lee Dorsey; The ‘B’ Girls
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
Date: March 8, 1980
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art.
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art.
Comments: I can make this cover work for 2 of the 3 bands, but what I most remember about this concert is that John Scher directed my follow spots to light me up for my birthday. Lighting directors hate being IN the light. I should have fired my crew but I was unable to fire anyone. I had to fire one of the all-time greatest follow spot ops because he had a drug problem that began to interfere with his work. My partner and I fired him 6 times before it stuck, and only then because Howard Stein finally said that it was either him or us that went. That was awful, but there is an amusing element to the story: this op and the DA whose “client” he was, also a member of the crew, used to sit in the balcony and smoke dope together before each show. I love New York.

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