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Bands: The Police; The Fleshtones
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
Date: November 29, 1980
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art.
Comments: I was probably still thinking about Moon Martin when I drew this message in a bottle, but the show proved to be quite stimulating on more than one level.
As Tom Kaminski recalls, “My favorite show was The Police, November 29, 1980. After the opening act, the house lights went up and the promoter, John Scher, was standing on the stage saying that a bomb threat had been called into the theatre. He thought it was a threat and nothing more. ‘Somebody wants to see all you people running out of here into the street, and we're not going to play his game!’ He pointed to the fire deprtment officals who were now standing at every entrance to the theatre and said, ‘I want all of you to look under your seats, and if you find something there you didn't bring in with you, let one of these guys know about it!’ Nothing was found, and the show went off without a hitch, but with an extra buzz of energy. (I know I jumped a little higher when the flashpots went off as the Police started with Don't Stand So Close To Me.) I recall reading somewhere that one of the Police pointed to that particular gig as one of the best gigs they had ever done during that time, and I couldn't agree more!"