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Bands: Warren Zevon / Glen Frey; Jack Tempchin
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
Date: October 1, 1982 / October 2, 1982
Quality: No program; Cover art.
Comments: Warren’s show was recorded live by Performance Video. I decided to add a light-and-smoke effect to mimic Warren’s album jacket for the video. Everyone liked the idea but no one thought to mention it to Warren. Mistake #1. He freaked out on stage (without missing a beat) because it reminded him of an unfortunate experience with fire.
Immediately after the show, I received an urgent call from the stage manager, Frank Stedtler, to go to Warren’s dressing room. I walked in just as Warren was about to punch his own lighting director and spontaneously intervened by placing myself between the one and the other. Mistake #2.
But nobody got really hurt because Warren figured it out and pulled the punch before it developed any real steam. That was when I first began to realize why everyone in the world loved this guy. He was real.
Backstage passes courtesy Charlie Lang.