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Bands: Billy Joel
Venue: Byrne Meadowlands Arena
Date: December 26, 1982
Quality: Uncirculated program; No cover art.
Comments: The illustration did not appear in the program. Allan and Stanley asked me to depict “Piano Man” for an invitation or a souvenir card or something like that for the Bottom Line Cabaret, and this is what I came up with. It was never never used for anything in order to avoid copyright/trademarks issues. If my recollection isn’t too far from reality, Harold Klein and I were engaged by Allan and Stanley to help them convert the Red Garter Banjo Parlor—the smallest stage and the biggest bar I’d ever seen—into New York City’s premier cabaret. We did lights, of course, and I had the great pleasure of doing lights on The Bottom Line’s opening night with Dr. John. When I say “doing” I am consciously avoiding the word “directing” because, in a club, the lighting director also operates the follow spot. I truly miss that Club.
Backstage pass courtesy Charlie Lang.